Discover Cat Tien National Park – 3 Days with Wild Gibbon Tour

Discover Cat Tien National Park – 3 Days with Wild Gibbon Tour.

Day 1: Mid-day arrival, cross the ferry at Dong Nai river to enter Cat Tien National park, which situated 150km/ 4 hour drive from Ho Chi Minh City, covers an area of 720 km² and protects one of the largest areas of lowland tropical rainforests left in Vietnam. Transfer to Forest Floor Lodge, check in.

  • 30 Botanic Garden Trails circumnavigate an area where the Chau Ma minority people once had a settlement before being moved to Talai after the American war. The path cut through a couple of areas of relatively primary forest, with a wide range of trees species; in more open ground gingers are in flower during June – October. The path can be excellent for birds and mammals including primates.
  • Night Ride: At 18.45, a jeep car will take you through the forest to the grass land Nui Tuong, this is the opportunity to see the wild life, the guide will use a spot light to try and spot samba deer and wild boar feeding at night. There is always the chance to see: civets, fishing cats, loris, pangolin, gaur and nocturnal birds.

Day 2:

  • 45 WILD GIBBON TOUR. You will be taken by a buggy car to the starting point of the tour (A pack breakfast will be provided). This is a rare opportunity to see these endangered primates in their wild habitat. First you will be taken to a listening post, to wait for the gibbons to start singing. Here you can relax in hammocks and appreciate Cat Tien’s rich wildlife viewing opportunities. Once the gibbons start to sing, you will be guided to their location, where they are comfortable with you watching their normal day-to-day activities such as feeding, resting and travelling. The length of the viewing is dependent on the gibbons and if they are not sighted on day one, there will be a second opportunity the following morning free of charge.
  • 08.30 GIBBON RESCUE CENTRE: A buggy car will take you to the ferry to go by boat to the island (Đảo Tiên). 45 return to the lodge

Day 3:

  • 08:30 Cycle or go by byggy car to visit the Bear Rescue Centre. The aim of this centre is to rescue, train and release the bears and wild cats the wild. Return for free time at Forest Floor Lodge at viewing platform over Dong Nai River for bird watching.

EUR 155.00  per person for this 3 days tour which includes: English speaking tour guide and transport as indicated, include tickets, leech socks and mineral water for the tour.


155 / Once / Per Guest

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